Business Resources

Why Use AFI

Whether starting a new business or expanding an existing business, the decision to use the Alliance for Independence Business Resources and Contracts Department makes good Business sense.

  • AFI can provide an untapped source of staff supervised skilled workers to meet your fluctuating business needs with both long-term and occasional projects.
  • Using AFI will save your time and lower overhead expenses associated with fluctuating business demands.
  • Using AFI will allow your staff to continue to focus on their responsibilities and be available for other projects as needed.
  • AFI can supply your company with high quality products delivered on time and within budget.
  • Most importantly, using AFI will increase your bottom line.

AFI Business Services

The staff at AFI staff supervises a full service clerical and assembly department on site.  Activities such as sorting, collating, labeling and sealing company packets, assembly of customer and staff “goodie bags” and medical kits, and preparing bulk mailing materials and packages for domestic and international shipping are completed on a regular basis.

AFI Products

AFI has contracts with several companies who use our commercial sewing department to make a variety of products including different size and shapes aprons and bibs, dignity products for the elderly, medical products and more!  Additionally, we are producing Seat Caddys, wheel covers, tote bags and complimentary products for knitting.

Corporate Partners

AFI is proud to work with the following business partners to provide a variety of products and services:

  • Circular Solutions
  • Grannie Jo Products
  • Little & Co.
  • Publix Super Markets
  • Rockford-Ettco Procunier
  • Royalty Advertising
  • The Seat Caddy
  • Vards’ Business Group

If you are considering contracting with AFI for a product or service, please contact the Business Resources and Contracts Department @ 863-665-3846 for a corporate reference and tour.