Our Skills A department serves adults with moderate developmental, physical, and other disabilities who can benefit from a structured program that focuses on increasing functional skill development. The department is designed to expand each individual’s independence and experience by providing personalized schedules and customized materials which are motivating and rewarding. Individuals benefit from small group  instruction, structure and a variety of activities.
AFI provides training on fine motor skills, basic life skills, cognitive skills, stranger awareness, eye/hand coordination, community safety, personal rights, and communication skills. Instruction includes healthy behaviors and life skills, independent living skills, daily living skills and social skills.  Individuals also have the opportunity to participate in the Culinary, Art and Horticulture programs.



Like that of a high school campus, Our Skills B department serves adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in a variety of classes, settings and activities.  This client-driven program offers person-centered skills training and provides an interactive approach to educating clients in a number of key skill sets.  The curricula offer an in-depth program with a content rich in experience in several different areas. Individuals attend an “open house” where they are given the opportunity to choose the classes that they would like to participate in. The goal of the program is to provide an educational like environment that will teach individuals important life skills that can be transferred to their everyday life.

The following is a list of classes offered:  Social Media, Creative Writing, Photography, Basic Education, Cultural Studies, Science and Discovery, Introduction to Cooking, Intermediate Cooking, Baking and Decorating, Dance, Sports, Nutrition, Exercise, Music, Basic Clerical, Advanced Clerical, Money Management, Career Exploration, Introduction to Art, Intermediate Art, Advanced Art, Horticulture, Pottery, and Wood Working/Crafts.

In addition to these classes, we also offer transportation to and from home. Many of our clients are paid to assist in a variety of on-site job opportunities including contract production work, office courier, mobility assistance, lawn crew, snack bar assistant, cashier, golf cart driver, and kitchen crew.

Business Resources

The Business Resources Department provides individuals the opportunity to learn various vocational skills while at the same time earning a paycheck. Individuals learn the importance of time and task management, working in a team setting and building a relationship with an employer and fellow employees. Most importantly the ability to work, have a job and earn a paycheck provides individuals with a sense of dignity, independence and a sense of belonging to their community.


Transportation services provided through Alliance for Independence (AFI) are available to individuals who are presently receiving AFI services. Alliance for Independence serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities living in Polk County. Transportation is an adjunct service and the agency’s transportation program operates primarily in the Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Bartow communities.

We provide transportation to and from the agency so that clients can attend our ADT program. Currently, we operate four buses and two vans to provide passenger services. Three of our vehicles are equipped for wheelchair service. Our fleet of vehicles is maintained by a variety of local garages equipped to perform required inspections and needed repairs. Funding obtained through the Federal Transit Authority, with local oversight by the Florida Department of Transportation, has been instrumental in ensuring our fleet stays up-to-date and that vehicles reaching their “useful life” can be retired.